Why invest in SATS?

Why invest in SATS (PPT)


Proven business model with high operational leverage

SATS has a wide product offering covering all fitness needs, using the strength of our cluster of clubs to provide a superior offering to our members by optimization across clubs. SATS’ leading data and insights are supporting informed decision-making.

We prioritize having the best employees, most compelling and wide product offering, market-leading clubs, and top-notch locations. This offering helps our members succeed with their training and maintain a sustainable activity level, evidenced by increased activity. Having the strongest product offering results in increased member loyalty, brand strength and willingness to pay for gym memberships. We drive our financial performance by attracting new and loyal members who successfully achieve their fitness objectives.

Growing markets

SATS, with its 736,000 members and 120,000 daily club visits, is the largest fitness operator in the Nordics and one of the five largest fitness operators in Europe. The European fitness market is growing, as the share of regular fitness practitioners in the overall population increased from 54% in 2022 to 61% in 20241. Additionally, the amount of fitness club users increased by 6 percentage points. SATS’ strategy is to continue to leverage our unique position to drive growth in the Nordic market and leveraging our unique position to increase the market share.

Strong organization and value-driven culture

SATS is led by an experienced management team with a strong passion for the fitness industry and key competencies to fuel the company’s further growth. The organization fosters an open and welcoming working environment, where all employees are given equal opportunities to succeed. This diverse and inclusive environment is regarded as a competitive edge, enabling SATS to utilize the complete capabilities of its workforce and enhance employee satisfaction.

Solid positioning for further growth

SATS has a solid member base, the best employees within the fitness industry, and profitable operations with a solid operating cash flow. SATS is investing in high-returning growth opportunities and prioritize to invest in existing clubs to increase capacity and the product offering. SATS expects to average 8-12 yearly club openings, depending on the attractiveness of acquisition targets and greenfield locations.

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