Sustainability at SATS


SATS continuously strives to be a responsible corporate citizen, operating responsibly with respect for people and the environment. In 2015, the global community convened in Paris to sign a landmark climate agreement, joining forces to work towards a sustainable future. The same year, the UN also adopted a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs), dealing with a wider range of global issues, such as human rights, good governance, peace and stability. Meeting these targets requires a concerted effort from all businesses and markets, and SATS is committed to making this effort.

With its market leading position in the fitness and training industry in the Nordics, SATS is in a unique position and bears an important responsibility to contribute to achieving the SDGs. The company aims to play an important part in the lives of its 736,000 members, making it increasingly important to put sustainability on the agenda.

SATS’ vision is to make people healthier and happier. To achieve this vision, the company is working with four pillars: people, products, presence and promise. The promise pillar represents a commitment to take responsibility beyond paying members. Sustainability is thus integrated in the way of doing business at SATS and is at the core of all decision-making.