SATS’ current operations and wide geographic presence in the Nordic region is a result of organic growth combined with business acquisitions since the operations under the SATS brand began in 1995. At the time, fitness clubs were often perceived as exclusive areas dominated by bodybuilding culture. SATS aimed to create an inclusive environment welcoming everyday people, regardless of their fitness levels. The ambition proved to be a successful strategy, as SATS grew quickly and were operating 48 fitness clubs in Norway by 1998. During the same year, SATS was acquired by the American fitness group 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide.

SATS’ expansion beyond Norway into other Nordic countries started in 1999, when SATS further solidified its presence by acquiring the Swedish fitness club operator Sports Club. By 2000, SATS expanded into Denmark and surpassed 100 clubs in the Nordic region, marking a milestone in its rapid growth.

The early 2000s was an eventful period marked by expansion and several ownership changes for SATS. In 2002, SATS was acquired by Nordic Capital and its Norwegian founders, and the new owners swiftly sought opportunities to enter new markets. By 2003, SATS successfully launched its first clubs in Finland. The mid-2000s saw further consolidation of SATS’ market position, with TryghedsGruppen acquiring SATS in 2006.

Meanwhile, in 2001, a new player entered the scene: ELIXIA. ELIXIA was launched with a distinct strategy to offer the best service and fitness experience in the industry. The brand emphasized high-quality facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, quickly gaining popularity during the 2000s. By the end of 2013, ELIXIA had established 61 clubs across Norway, Sweden, and Finland, underscoring its successful entry into the market.

In 2014, the operations of SATS and ELIXIA were combined, creating the largest full-service fitness club operator in the Nordic region with an ambition of making people healthier and happier. The merged entity combined the strengths of both brands, with ELIXIA clubs in Sweden being rebranded as SATS, while centers in Norway and Finland continued to operate under both brand names. Today, the clubs in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are branded as SATS, while the clubs in Finland operate as ELIXIA.

In Norway, around 40 clubs are branded as Fresh Fitness, which was launched in 2010 as a low-cost alternative differentiated by competitive group training, today having more than 80,000 members.

The post-merger years were characterized by continuous innovation as SATS introduced various niche training concepts and digital offerings, as well as further expansion. SATS acquired fitness dk in 2019 to re-enter Denmark following an exit from the Danish market in 2013. Also in 2019, SATS was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

In the recent years, SATS’ primary focus has been on expanding the network of clubs and enhancing member activation. Notably, in 2022, SATS launched the HIIT group training concept and opened 19 new clubs. The momentum continued into 2023 with the opening of seven additional clubs and a strong emphasis on developing HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates classes. These strategic initiatives underline SATS’s dedication to offering diverse and high-quality fitness experiences, ensuring SATS remain at the forefront of the industry while adapting to the evolving member expectations.


  • Continuing the launch and development of HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates, boosting group training participation.
    Club openings: 7


  • SATS launches the HIIT group training concept and opens 19 new clubs.


  • SATS opens 9 clubs and launches Mentra by SATS, a new digital home training offering with Rflex, a connected mirror with live classes and a library full of strength, cardio, yoga, and dance classes. Mentra by SATS brings engaging, high quality and personal training to new target groups outside physical clubs.


  • SATS steps up expansion and opens 15 clubs, of which 6 in Norway, 7 in Sweden and 2 in Finland.


  • SATS acquires fitness dk, consisting of 39 fitness clubs, to re-enter the Danish market after it had left in 2013. SATS ASA is listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange.


  • All ELIXIA clubs in Norway and 22 Fresh Fitness clubs across the Nordics are rebranded to the SATS/ELIXIA concept.
  • SATS launches a new member app with social networking functionality.


  • SATS introduces a modular membership structure, where members can tailor their own package.


  • SATS launches Online Training along with multiple niche training concepts, including HiYoga, Build’n Burn, and Martial Arts.


  • SATS and ELIXIA merge, creating the largest fitness chain in the Nordics.


  • ELIXIA is acquired by Altor, a private equity investor (Altor Fund III).


  • Fresh Fitness is launched as a low-cost alternative in Norway and Denmark.


  • TryghedsGruppen smba acquires SATS.


  • SATS establish its first clubs in Finland.


  • The private equity investor Nordic Capital and the Norwegian founders of SATS acquire SATS from 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide.


  • ELIXIA is launched and by year-end the chain operates a total of 16 fitness clubs in Norway and Finland.


  • SATS becomes the first chain in the Nordics to offer personal training.
  • The expansion continues and after entering Denmark, SATS is operating 100 clubs in the Nordics.


  • SATS acquires the Swedish Sports Club and establishes its operations in Sweden.


  • SATS is operating 49 fitness clubs and is acquired by the American fitness club group 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide.


  • SATS is launched in Norway by re-branding 8 existing fitness clubs.