IR Policy

This investor relations policy applies to SATS ASA (“SATS” or “the company”) and is based on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s rules, regulations, and recommendations for listed companies, to comply with the “Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2021”.

SATS strives to ensure that all shareholders and other stakeholders have access to complete and consistent information, to contribute to the fair valuation of the SATS share. This is done in accordance with relevant legal and corporate governance principles.

The IR function of SATS helps building investor loyalty and allows SATS to stay informed on market expectations and needs. SATS’ goal is to attract new investors and to secure accurate analyst coverage.


SATS’ contact persons related to the operational and financial development of the company is limited to SATS’ CEO, CFO, Chair of the Board, and the Investor Relations Manager. The employees of SATS are instructed to refer to the mentioned spokespersons if they are approached by media or other stakeholders.

Distribution of information

SATS’ communication is based on the requirement of equal treatment of all shareholders. Price-sensitive information shall be provided simultaneously to all market participants. All relevant information is published on in addition to mandatory channels. It is also possible to subscribe to press releases, financial reports, and other relevant news on the company’s investor relations website.

English and Norwegian are the primary languages for investor communication. Formal communications and stock market announcements, such as quarterly results, will be published and presented in English.

SATS publishes complete and consistent information of the company’s financial results, as well as strategy when deemed necessary (i.e. at Capital Markets Days). The information is intended to hold our current and future shareholders and other stakeholders in a well-informed position. SATS aims to have a transparent and open dialogue with the financial market, to ensure timely disclosure of relevant information to the market and an equal treatment of its shareholders.

Interim reports

SATS will publish quarterly financial results in accordance with its financial calendar, which is published annually on its website and on the stock exchange.

Silent periods

No investor and analyst meetings will be held in the last three weeks prior to presentation of SATS’ financial results. SATS has the right to put into effect silent periods in connection with other corporate events.