This is SATS

We are passionate about helping people becoming healthier and happier! We believe, based on decades of experience in the industry, that the only members who stay committed over a longer time are the ones who experience real results, and to achieve real results members need to regularly visit our clubs and use our products. To help more members succeed with their training, and by extension making them healthier and happier, we are following a strategy framework covering four pillars – People, Products, Presence and Promise, built on a common foundation – One Company.


9 000 extraordinary individuals dedicated to making people healthier and happier

Keeping up a healthy training habit is difficult, but our members luckily have the help of our friendly and inspiring staff, made up of instructors, personal trainers, and other supporting staff. We aim to make sure that they are all committed to making training easily accessible and can motivate and support our members on their journey to becoming healthier and happier.

To achieve this, we need to attract the best and most motivated talents and provide them with opportunities for development. We hire for attitude and train for skill – ensuring that our members are always met by motivated and qualified personnel.

Fitness as a career

In SATS, we believe in fitness as a career – meaning that we strive to create processes that unlocks the full potential of all our employees. We aim to always offer a clear career progression regardless of role and reward strong efforts and performance.

We invest heavily in training to make sure that all our coaching staff have the relevant qualifications to help our members train the right way, and that all employees can develop professionally throughout their career in SATS.


Cutting edge or tried and tested, we have something for all members

Our ambition is to be a one-stop-shop for training, delivering world class quality and expertise that exceeds our members’ expectations. Our training options include studio training for individual strength and cardio training, more than 150 different group training classes, personal trainers specializing in a wide range of areas, boot camps for smaller groups, out-of-club training for members’ convenience and retail shops providing members with the right equipment, apparel, and nutrition.

With regards to product development our strategy is to be innovative and part of the latest training trends. Based on customer insights and analysis, we adapt and take a carefully selected portfolio of these trends to the mass market.

We also appreciate that all our members are different. Therefore, we believe in offering flexible memberships where members only pay for access to the clubs and concepts they are using.

Training is becoming increasingly digital – and so are we

We want to provide our members with tools that can help simplify and improve their training. Therefore, SATS puts serious effort into developing digital features for our websites and the SATS app.

The website functions as a self-service hub for members who want to change their memberships, see payment history/receipts, purchase PT clips, etc. SATS also offers Online Training, a subscription to a wide selection of online classes, enabling members to access the fitness studio remotely.

The SATS mobile app enables our members to manage their membership and training statistics, and schedule group training and personal trainer sessions. The app also features SATS Social, where members can connect with their friends, schedule training together, challenge each other, and follow and encourage each other’s training activity.


Clubs where people want them

In order to maintain a training habit, members need to be able to access a club in a convenient location. We do our best to make sure that our clubs are located in the most convenient locations possible.

We also know that our members value the opportunity to use multiple clubs. In the large cities, people are very mobile, and want to train near their home, near work, and with their friends. The more clubs we have in the same city, the greater the chance is that we can offer the right combination of locations for each individual member. With many clubs in the same city, SATS can offer a much broader and deeper product offering, with specialized clubs, niche training concepts, and coordinated group training schedules. That members value this extensive offering and variety is clear, as members who participate in group training are even more likely than others to use multiple of our clubs.


Training is just one part of a healthier lifestyle

We know that becoming healthier and happier is not only about training. Fitness clubs are part of a much broader health and wellness ecosystem that covers nutrition, lifestyle, health care, rehabilitation, treatment insurance, travel, and much more. We believe that SATS can play a role in helping our members also beyond their training, and we therefore have an ambition to add new products and services and become a more holistic health and wellness provider.

Taking responsibility beyond paying members

Our commitment to contributing to public health is elaborated on further in the attached sustainability report. A concrete example of our engagement in 2019 was our contribution to the Pink Ribbon campaign in October. To help raise awareness about breast cancer and contribute to further research on the area we donated proceeds from specialty products and gave both members, and non-members, the opportunity to “squat against cancer” and be rewarded with a contribution to the cancer societies.

Foundation – One company

One operating model, one culture, one passion for training

We are dedicated to inspiring our members to stay active. Every day our employees motivate all our members at their own level, with positive challenges, to help them succeed with their training.

Whenever our members visit our clubs, we aim to create a welcoming and joyful atmosphere to ensure that they have the same SATS club experience and inspiring and personal treatment that they are used to from their home club. Everyone should feel welcome to SATS.

We therefore believe that it is very important that we work together as a chain with a common operating model and culture across both club formats and country borders. This means that all of our staff follow the same operating procedures in terms of cleaning, health and safety, and maintenance to make sure that every club offers the SATS experience that our members love.

All of our staff, whether they are instructors, personal trainers, club managers and staff, or service office staff, are also expected to adhere to our common values of putting members first, and being extraordinary, professional, and accountable in their everyday work.