SATS ASA - End of stabilisation


Oslo, 22 November 2019: Reference is made to the stock exchange notice issued on
23 October 2019 regarding potential stabilisation activities in respect of the
shares in SATS ASA ("SATS" or the "Company"; OSE ticker: SATS, ISIN: NO
0010863285) in connection with the Company’s listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange
(the "Offering").

ABG Sundal Collier ASA ("ABGSC”), acting as stabilisation manager in connection
with the Offering, hereby gives notice that stabilisation was undertaken in
relation to the shares in SATS with a total of 5,787,568 shares purchased as
part of the stabilisation. The shares were purchased at an average price of NOK
22.49 per share and stabilisation activities last occurred on 15 November 2019.
For each of the dates during which stabilisation transactions were carried out,
the price range and average price paid were as follows:

Trade date	Price (low)	Price (high)	Price (average)
23.10.2019	21.71	         23.00	         22.66
24.10.2019	21.70	         22.35	         22.19
25.10.2019	22.27	         22.30	         22.30
28.10.2019	22.30	         22.47	         22.39
29.10.2019	22.50	         22.81	         22.69
30.10.2019	22.755	         22.90	         22.84
31.10.2019	22.54	         22.80	         22.72
01.11.2019	22.50	         22.70	         22.55
04.11.2019	22.60	         22.70	         22.69
05.11.2019	22.60	         22.70	         22.69
06.11.2019	22.60	         22.69	         22.64
07.11.2019	22.50	         22.65	         22.59
08.11.2019	22.20	         22.60	         22.47
11.11.2019	20.80	         22.40	         21.57
12.11.2019	20.70	         20.90	         20.80
13.11.2019	20.70	         20.90	         20.81
14.11.2019	20.40	         20.80	         20.59
15.11.2019	20.80	         21.795	         21.26

ABGSC will redeliver the 5,787,568 shares purchased through stabilisation
transactions to SATS Group AS (“SATS Group”) and Hansemgruppen Holding AS
(“Hansemgruppen”) in accordance with the terms of an agreement between the
parties. Reference is made to the prospectus for the Offering for additional
descriptions of these arrangements. 

After the redelivery of shares, SATS Group holds 105,088,024 shares in SATS,
representing 61.82% of the outstanding shares in the Company and Hansemgruppen
holds 1,323,168 shares, representing 0.78% of the outstanding shares in the

For further information, please contact:
ABG Sundal Collier ASA
Magnus Kvinge
Tel: +47 22 01 60 00


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